Wedding Flip Flops – Give Your Guests a Break!

You’ve been dancing the whole night, and suddenly your heels are feeling a bit weird… Actually, not just “a bit weird”, they’re burning!

A really great way to prevent your guests from leaving early because of blisters is to have wedding flip flops available. Your guests can kick off their heels and rather wear a pair of comfy flip flops!

And of course it’s not only for the ladies – men can wear flip flops too if they need a break from their new shoes!

There are so many cool ways to personalise your flip flops – have your wedding date printed on them, get some cool sayings added to their soles or add some glitter to them!

But hey, a pair of plain flip flops will also do the trick! ;)

 For more information on ordering customized flip flops for your wedding day, simply send us an email: or click here to order them through our online wedding décor shop.
  • Thea
    6 Jun 2016 at

    Hi. I would like to order round 55 flip flops. Can you send me a price list and options please

  • Jeanne
    11 Jul 2016 at

    How do I get a pricelist? For the flip flops?

  • Michelle
    19 Jul 2016 at

    Hi. Can you send me a pricelist of just the normal flip flops please

  • Stella
    9 Jan 2018 at

    I need 70 white flip flops for my 50th birthday guests. They should range from size 3 to size 9.
    10 size 3
    10 size 4
    30 size 5
    10 size 6
    5 size 8
    5 size 9
    Please send me a quotation

  • Shanese
    19 Jan 2018 at

    Hi I would like to order 70 pairs of flip flops . Pls send price list

  • Jenny
    24 Jan 2018 at

    Good Morning,

    I am interested in you custom wedding flip flops for my daughter’s wedding in August 2018, can you please forward me a few samples and ideas if possible…

    Thank you


  • Courtney
    22 Feb 2018 at

    Hi, I would like a price on the customized flip flops please?

  • Nicole
    11 Mar 2018 at

    Would like to do an enquiry on a mixed batch of white flip flops in bulk with various sizes including both male and female.

  • Christine Kleynhans
    7 Jul 2018 at

    Good day

    What is the price of the mixed colored fluo flops in various sizes? If possible give me a price on just the plain and then one with the date and I do on the bottom?


  • Sandra
    8 Aug 2018 at

    Please send me prices for the boxes with different sizes in. Thanks

  • Henry Smith-zwarts
    2 Sep 2018 at

    To whom it may concern
    I’m looking for all white flip flops for a wedding on the 22 September 2018. I think about 30 to 40 pairs.
    How long does it take for delivery
    I’m in Randburg Gauteng

  • Jacques Kok
    29 Oct 2018 at

    Intrested in flops for a wedding on the 21 Nov 2018

  • Zurika
    12 Jan 2019 at

    Please tell me if you do beach venues aswell. Or can you refer me to someone please

  • Gilly
    28 Jan 2020 at

    I’d like to get a price for 35 white flip flops ranging in sizes from 3-7.

  • Elmien Pepler
    4 Mar 2020 at

    Hi there how can I get in contact with you? I need personalized white flip flops for a wedding. Thank you.

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