You’ve been dancing the whole night, and suddenly your heels are feeling a bit weird… Actually, not just “a bit weird”, they’re burning!

A really great way to prevent your guests from leaving early because of blisters is to have wedding flip flops available. Your guests can kick off their heels and rather wear a pair of comfy flip flops!

And of course it’s not only for the ladies – men can wear flip flops too if they need a break from their new shoes!

There are so many cool ways to personalise your flip flops – have your wedding date printed on them, get some cool sayings added to their soles or add some glitter to them!

But hey, a pair of plain flip flops will also do the trick! ;)

 For more information on ordering customized flip flops for your wedding day, simply send us an email: or click here to order them through our online wedding décor shop.
Author: zyliadewet