With the current state of the water situation here in the Western Cape, being water-wise and using as little water as possible is top of mind for just about everyone, regardless of whether you live in the Western Cape or not.

Many people have converted their gardens into water-wise gardens using plants like succulents that require very little water to survive and still look beautiful! We are so lucky in South Africa to have an abundance of different varieties of indigenous succulents to choose from.

The same can be said for wedding d├ęcor – succulents can be used as part of your wedding ceremony and reception decorations. And the plus – they last long and need very little water! They work amazingly well with most wedding themes, and as part of natural, rustic wedding table decor, set against bare wood or bright white.

Another bonus is that the succulents can double up as wedding guest favours for your guests to take home, and use to remember your special day! They transport easily and grow quickly – the perfect wedding guest gift, especially in our current climate!

Here are some ideas of ways to use succulents in your wedding day:

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