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There’s a little place that some of the world’s rich and famous like to vacation. In fact, a number of these stars call it home. We don’t like to name drop, but this slice of heaven has been known to attract the attention of Hollywood’s elite. Perhaps it has something to do with the breathtaking views, gorgeous coastline or the finest dining experiences known to man. No, we’re not talking about the French Riviera or the Hamptons.

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Cape Town – and areas surrounding the Mother City – has received well-deserved praise from the rest of the globe in the past couple of decades. It’s even made it to the top of the list when it comes to the most beautiful cities in the world. We feel honoured to live in Cape Town. We love it when people ask if the novelty has worn off. The simple answer: Never. We’ll never get used to seeing the mountain every day, or driving by the beach, or even enjoying a wonderful meal in the winelands. This city takes our breath away on a daily basis. So, when brides ask us where in the world should they get married? It’s a no-brainer. Besides from its sheer magnificence, the Western Cape has a wide variety of wedding venues to suit each bride’s dream.

Magical Forest Wedding Venues
There’s nothing more enchanting than saying your vows while surrounded by trees that are more than 100 years old. If you’ve always loved the outdoors, then this option is definitely for you. A forest wedding doesn’t necessarily mean rustic. There are some ultra-modern wedding venues in the Western Cape that are nestled in luscious, green forests.

Vineyard Wedding Vows
There’s something truly magical about a wedding in the winelands. Perhaps it’s the combination of the rolling green lawns and crystal blue sky. We are simply spoiled for choice when it comes to outstanding vineyard wedding venues. Luckily our wedding team has personally visited each and every one. Depending on the size of your wedding, we’ll suggest the best options for your big day.

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A Beach Affair

Whether you’ve dreamed of getting married barefoot with your toes in the sand, or you simply want your wedding to overlook the beach, you’ll find your dream beach wedding venue along the Western Cape coast. Yes, the water may be chilly but our magnificent summer sun makes up for it.

Mountain Dream
Perhaps you’ve always pictured your nuptials taking place on top of a mountain, or even on rolling lawns with a mountainous view as your backdrop. Cape Town is home to some of the world’s most iconic mountain passes – with a wide range of country wedding venues that boast these views.

Nuptials in the City
With all these outdoor options, it doesn’t make sense having your wedding in the centre of town, right? That’s where you’re wrong. There’s an electric buzz in Cape Town’s CBD. We can’t quite describe it. If you’re a big city kinda person, you’ll go mad for these rooftop city wedding venues. Imagine overlooking the harbour, while still enjoying a view of Table Mountain. If you still can’t picture it, let our team take you on a site visit.

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Gosh, the Western Cape really does have it all when it comes to wedding venues. You know what they say: Seeing is believing. If you’d like to arrange a trip to Cape Town, the Event Affairs team will happily show you around. You won’t regret it!


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