Wooden Table Jenga


Strong and robust wooden blocks, made from high quality pine.

The tower is made up of 54 blocks to make a tower with 18 layers of three blocks each.

Block size: 9x3cm.

The table Jenga comes in a beautiful wooden box with a latch. The box can be engraved and customised. Please email info@idoinspirations.co.za with details for customisation.

Delivery cost excluded.


Stack the wooden Jenga blocks into tall tower with this fun table game. Players take it in turns to remove blocks and place them on top of the tower, until it falls over. Each player must think tactically when deciding upon which block to remove from the tower, trying to make things difficult for their opponent and force errors. This table game makes a great addition to your birthday, wedding or event, to entertain your guests! You can also ask your guests to write a note on the blocks as a memento to keep and remind you of your special day when you play in the future.


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