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We believe that planning your wedding day should be an enjoyable experience that you will look back on fondly, and importantly should also not become a financial burden. As such, we have sourced beautiful products that are of a high quality and are affordable.

Shop our selection of wedding event decoration products ranging from balloons, bunting, confetti, cake toppers, hen party t-shirts, bridal party slippers, wedding flip flops, wedding sunglasses, lanterns, parasols, pashminas, bridal robes, extra length sparklers, guest books, a selection of guest wedding favours and bridal party gifts, bridesmaid giftboxes, wedding dress hangers.

I Do Inspirations online wedding shop stocks a range of the latest trendy wedding decor and items that can be customised to make your wedding more personal and unique.

Online Wedding Decor and Gifts. I Do Inspirations online wedding shop is designed to assist you with visualising your dream wedding day, and providing you with the decor and products to make it a reality. We stock a range of the latest trendy wedding decor and items that can be customised to make your wedding more personal and unique.

Décor is a beautiful way in which to express who you as a couple really are. From sunshades to shimmering vases, seat covers to centrepieces, there are a thousand and one ways – some traditional, some quirky – to create the most beautiful and unforgettable day & wedding themes. Have a look at the many different ways in which you can express your unique style.

It can often be overwhelming to pick from all the wedding themes out there, so here are our top tips when picking a theme:

Choose your venue carefully. Make sure that your theme works with your venue and suits the theme. You wouldn’t host a Little Mermaid-themed wedding at a historical guest house, right?

When brainstorming wedding themes, use keywords that define you as a couple and work off of that so you end up with something meaningful and relative. You can interweave the little things that make you as a couple into the decor, stationary and anything else.

Pinterest is your new best friend. Get inspired with wedding themes other real brides and grooms have used and give it a unique twist. Remember not to get too carried away!

Think about the future. Will your Shrek-themed wedding still seem funny and charming to you in 10 years? 20? 50? If you want to look back at your wedding without cringing, pick a theme that you’re sure you’ll find timeless.

Don’t follow the trend of the year. Chances are, you’ll have wedding photos that look very similar to everyone else’s and the decor will be out of style in a few years.

Keep the season in mind. Don’t plan an enchanted forest wedding for a rainy month, or a beach themed wedding in the monsoon season. If you want an indoor wedding, consider having it out of season to get a more affordable rate on the venue.

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