Mother always knows best. She’s been there from the beginning. From bedtime stories to patching up bruised knees, there’s something truly unique about a mother’s love. The way the sound of her voice can soothe an aching heart makes her irreplaceable. There’s nothing like the bond between a mom and her daughter – no matter how old you are. Being a mom doesn’t necessarily mean sharing the same DNA either. That special lady who fills the mothering role in your life could be a step-mother, adoptive mother, grandmother, aunt or simply a friend. Whoever she is, no doubt she’s going to play a pivotal role on your wedding day. She’s eager to help, be involved and ensure that it’s the most special day of your life! But like all human beings, she lacks a certain psychic ability and you’ll need to tell her how she can help. So, invite your mom to tea, put on the kettle and take a read through our simple guidelines. They’ll ensure you and her are on the same page when it comes to planning, and it will save you from any confusion down the line. Yes, moms love to feel included. But make sure she knows where her responsibilities end and yours begin. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt about planning a wedding, it’s that open communication is key.

Wedding Dress Duty
As women, we absolutely love fashion (naturally!) If you and your mom have the same style, ask her advice about what she thinks suits you and spend some quality time going through magazines looking at dress styles together. However, if you don’t see eye to eye on style, then book an appointment at a Bridal Boutique, invite her along but make sure to pick out the kind of styles you love. Dress shopping is invaluable bonding time. She’ll love being included and seeing her baby girl in a wedding gown. Warning: This may induce tears.

Wedding Venue Hunting
This is also a fab task for mom. If you’re in another city or country and you’re thinking of getting married in your hometown, then why not ask your mom for help? It’s easier for her to visit wedding venues and speak to suppliers. Or if you’re thinking of having a destination wedding (and she’s connected to the internet) ask her to test out her Googling skills. Have a look through her findings and pick out the ones you like too. Remember, you don’t need to appease her by going with what she picked out. You’re allowed to have an opinion, but keep those communication lines open at all times.

The Guest List
Helping with the wedding guest list is a great task for mom. She’ll have all the info you need regarding family members and their contact details. If there are some aunts and uncles who won’t necessarily have email addresses, she can ring them up personally and let them know the details of the big day.

On the Day
This is probably her most important task. Your wedding day is both exciting and nerve-racking. You’ll need your mom to help you remain calm. It won’t be easy keeping it together once she sees how gorgeous you look, but she will definitely be a support for you.

Enjoy every moment before and during your wedding day with her. You’ll be glad you took the time to include her, and chat to her about her roles and responsibilities. This is something you’ll both treasure forever.

Guest post by Event Affairs.

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