13 ways to Go Green at your Wedding

Green or eco-friendly weddings are becoming more and more popular these days. Here are 13 ways to Go Green as we show you can celebrate your big day in style, while minimising the impact you and your guests will have on the environment.


1. Invitations
The best way to be eco-friendly with your wedding invitations, would be to send email invites through paperless post. If that’s not your scene, you can create a wedding website with all the event details.

If you still prefer to be more traditional, you could use recycled paper for your invitations. Recycled paper, tree-free paper, soy inks and digital correspondence options all offer beautiful and simple ways to reduce eco-consumption.


2. Confetti
Plantable seed confetti is perfect for an eco-friendly wedding – the joy of the seed confetti is that it will grow into wild flowers! You can also use biodegradable and water soluble confetti, that simply disappears when hosed down or rained on. (No effort at all!)

If you can find snow confetti, it actually flutters like snow when you throw it – amazing, right?


3. Décor
Incorporate the use of twigs and branches into your décor, weave small solar fairy lights through the branches. Or create a mason jar chandelier to add a beautiful rustic DIY feel. No matter how big or small your budget is, just taking time to have a little extra thought into both ceremony and reception décor will reduce using an item only once. Simple things like reusing the flowers from the wedding service at your reception, will cut back the need to purchase extra floral décor.

Décor ideas such as collecting pebbles for table numbers or handmade placecard holders made from reclaimed wood, add a naturally beautiful touch to any wedding reception.

Inspire your centerpiece décor with vintage items or pieces collected from friends and family – this will not only add a unique story to your tables, but you’ll also save money and waste less. Work with what you have at your fingertips and feel good about your creative efforts!

4. Jewellery
Family heirlooms, vintage or antique pieces are also sustainable, and often less expensive options to consider.

5. Solar Lighting and Candles
Candlelight is energy-efficient and very romantic. Look out for soy candles – they’re made from a renewable resource, are cleaner and burn longer than regular candles. Another benefit is that spills are easy to clean – just use soap and hot water! Make sure you have some solar jars charged up to create ambient lighting for the evening ahead.

6. Flowers
For your flowers, choose a local organic florist to arrange your centerpieces and bouquets. For a summer wedding, use the nearby farmers’ market to create bouquet and table arrangements, or use potted succulents, which can be given away to your guests at the end of your big day.

7. Choose an Organic Menu
Ask your caterers if they can provide vegetarian and organic entrées especially from the area. Local, seasonal, and/or organic food is simple, and guaranteed to be colourful and delicious. No matter how you choose to design your menu, using in-season local and/or organic foods will also support the local economy.

When available, providing wine, craft beer, and other beverages made in the area adds some local lekker flavour.


8. Green favours
Buy honey from a local farmers’ market and give it to your guests in a jar with little honey dippers tied with twine. Another fun idea is a thank you note that can be planted so that they can grow their own wild flowers, or a birdseed heart that guests can hang in their garden.

9. Dress Green
While buying a used dress is always an option, we understand that most brides would like their own dress. It’s your special day. Consider a more practical dress—one you still love but perhaps a dress that can be worn again or altered for another occasion.

10. Buy vintage!
Share in the age-old tradition of wearing your mother or grandmother’s dress. Take it to a local seamstress to transform it into your own.

11. Beauty Green
Visit a green salon and spa with your bridal party. Using all-natural beauty and hair products are a great way to keep it eco-friendly

12. Mossies and things…
Bzzzz… There’s nothing more annoying than having to fight off mosquitoes during summer! Don’t let it spoil your big day.
All-natural essential peppermint oil may smell lovely to us, but bugs hate it. Keep small bottles of all-natural peppermint oil insect repellent for the wedding. It’ll last for up to two weeks and your guests won’t be doing the itchy scratchy all night.

13. Green photography
Digital photography offers a paperless and chemical-free way to capture your event, including being able to view online proofs before deciding which ones to print.

Images: Pinterest: Brides.com, bridesandbreakfast, ecobrides.com
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