Fun Wedding Ideas

Fun Wedding Idea #39

Use topiary to create beautiful letters or hearts as part of your wedding decor.

Topiary is the art of ornamental gardening where topiarists trim, weave, and train plants into all shapes and sizes. A fun new twist to using flowers!


Fun Wedding Idea #38

These bespoke A4 hand-drawn posters make a beautiful wedding day or one year anniversary gift. For those of you who don’t know, traditionally the first year anniversary is a paper gift. 

All you need is to send us two photos of yourself and your partner and a brief description of what you would like included in the drawing.  More information of how to order can be found here



Fun Wedding Idea #37:

We’ve decided to give our fun wedding idea a Valentine’s Day twist.

Heart shaped sparklers create a great send off for newlyweds. Give them out as wedding favours or have them available in a beautifully decorated bucket.



As sparklers don’t last too long (around 45 seconds) make sure everyone is in place and the photographer ready before passing around lighters.

Fun Wedding Idea #36:

Invited the kids to your wedding? Why not spend a little extra time on their table to make them feel special and keep them entertained?

kids table at wedding


Fun Wedding Idea #35:

Love this for a bachelorette party idea! Have each girl leave a kiss for the bride, to make a heart. Then have it framed and give to her as a gift from all the girls!



Fun Wedding Idea #34:

A look back at your family’s wedding pics.

fun wedding idea


Fun Wedding Idea #33:

Some more fun and creative Save-the-Date ideas to spark your imagination, and help you think of something clever and unqiue!



Fun Wedding Idea #32:

Create a fun Save-the-Date with a card and twine, that ‘ties a knot’ when you open it!

fun wedding idea


Fun Wedding Idea #31:

Write your wedding date on giant balloons to create a unique Save the Date image!

Buy giant balloons, in lots of different colours, here.

fun wedding idea


Fun Wedding Idea #30:

Spoil your bridesmaids, or give a special gift to the bride, by giving them a personalised dress hanger. We just love these personalised wire wedding dress hangers.

fun wedding ideas

We are so excited to feature the wire hangers in our new online wedding and event décor shop!

See them here:

Fun Wedding Idea #29:

Put together Midnight Snack Packs for your guests to snack on, or take home with them when they leave!

fun wedding idea midnight snack pack


Fun Wedding Idea #28:

Planning a green or eco-friendly wedding, or conscious of wastage? Why not print your wedding programme/order of events on brown paper bags? These can also be used as confetti holders!

fun wedding idea eco-friendly wedding


Fun Wedding Idea #27:

Have a polaroid camera at your wedding, so that your guests can take instant photos of themselves. Then ask them to replace their name & table number (escort card) with their photo. A fun way to collect an image of every guest that attended your wedding day!

fun wedding idea


Fun Wedding Idea #26:

Make sure you get all those must-have wedding shots by placing an “I Spy” card on each table:




Fun Wedding Idea #25:

When the marriage officer says, “you may kiss the bride”, the maid of honour and bestman pull the string and petals fall! Such fun, and will make for beautiful photos!

fun wedding idea


Fun Wedding Idea #24:

Thank your bridesmaids with vintage clutches filled with essentials like your wedding day schedule, lipgloss, etc. A nice touch is to include a personalised thank you tag sewn inside!

Bridesmaids thank you gift


Fun Wedding Idea #23:

Rather than numbering your wedding reception tables from say 1 to 15, why not use numbers that are significant to you, the bride and groom?

Examples are; the date you got engaged, the date of your wedding, or how about the age you were when you first met your husband-to-be? We really like this idea as it adds interest to your tables and tells your guests a bit more about your relationship!

fun wedding idea


Fun Wedding Idea #22:

If you are having a relaxed outdoor wedding ceremony, why not give your bridesmaids sandals with pearl ribbons? So feminine and pretty!

bridesmaids sandals


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