To me there is something very enchanted & magical about a forest, and what better setting to get married in? Think Bella & Edward’s wedding on the Twilight Saga and I think you will feel the same way!!

There are a number of venues in and around Cape Town which lend themselves to forest weddings. The sunlight shining through the trees makes for beautiful wedding photographs and the never-ending tree trunks are as high as the eye can see. As the dark settles in, later in the evening, the use of fairy lights, lanterns and beautiful coloured lighting can transform your setting into an enchanted forest for a night of wedding festivities. If the weather lends itself to it, I would suggest having a banquet style wedding dinner right in the middle of the forest, alternatively glass marquees can work really well for the feeling of being indoors, but still being able to see everything that surrounds you.

Here are some lovely ideas to use if you are thinking about a forest setting for your wedding.
You can see some more ideas here



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