Blush Ombre Wedding

Ombre originates from the French term that represents the appearance of tones, with colours graduating from light to dark. It has become a very popular wedding colour trend in 2012, so I thought I’d share some images that incorporate reds and pinks into a blush ombre wedding theme, to get you inspired…


Gorgeous white wedding dresses that fade out into pinks.


This theme works brilliantly with bridesmaids’ dresses as each bridesmaid can wear a slightly different coloured dress to match with your ombre wedding theme.

blush_ombre_wedding_4 blush_ombre_wedding_5 blush_ombre_wedding_6 blush_ombre_wedding_8 blush_ombre_wedding_9 blush_ombre_wedding_10 blush_ombre_wedding_11

For these images, and more Ombre Wedding inspiration, click here.

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