25 Ideas for a Sustainable Eco-Friendly Wedding

A popular wedding trend for 2020 is to make your wedding as sustainable, low impact and eco-friendly as possible. Just as in our daily lives, the idea is to make small changes that will contribute to making a bigger difference. It is obviously impossible to make no impact at all, but little adjustments to wedding traditions can help make your wedding day a bit gentler on the planet. 

There is quite a lot of information available on eco-friendly weddings, so to help we’ve pulled together 25 of our favourite ways to make your wedding day more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Wedding Dates and Wedding Suppliers

  • Choose a wedding date in a season where the weather isn’t likely to be too hot (requiring air conditioning) or too cold (requiring heating)
  • Use local wedding suppliers
  • Use wedding suppliers who prioritise sustainability, are eco-friendly and state the ways in which they are so

Wedding Dresses

  • Look for a second-hand wedding dress
  • Upcycle a family heirloom wedding dress
  • Rent a wedding dress
  • Choose a vintage suit
  • Choose a suit that you can wear again
  • Donate your wedding dress after your wedding


  • Choose to use in-season flowers 
  • Use local flowers
  • Donate the flowers at the end of the night to guests or nursing homes
  • Re-purpose floral arrangements – such as using the flowers from your ceremony venue at your reception
  • Use succulents as they require little water, last a long time, and are easy to transport or give-away as wedding favours to your guests
  • Use leaf cut outs or left over petals for your confetti
  • Use potted flowers and plants as they are much easier to use again or distribute to family and friends


  • Use digital invitations
  • Use recycled papers
  • Use biodegradable paper such as seed papers for the wedding invitations – your guests can plant these as a momento of your wedding day!
  • Limit the stationery pieces to one and offer a website for more information
  • Ask guests to RSVP via a website or email
  • Use a few menus per table instead of one per person

For the above and more ideas, click here.

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