It’s the start of a new year, and with it comes new exciting ideas for all things wedding related – from cakes to flowers, dresses to stationery, and food to photo’s!

We take a look at 5 of the latest trends doing the rounds for 2017:

1. Creative canapé pairings
Create a talking point for your guests by getting creative with your canapé pairings! Whilst guests are used to seeing cheese and wine pairings, why not try something different like mini margarita cocktails with mini taco canapés, or craft beer and burger sliders, champagne and oysters, or a selection of different mini beverages paired with different miniature foods.

2. Roaming dessert stations
Why not try moving away from the very popular dessert and candy stations, and offer your guests dessert or something sweet with dessert trays circulated by waiters. Instead of having to go up to the dessert station, allow your guests the opportunity to sample a variety of miniature desserts and sweets while they are mingling and chatting.

3. Use of vertical space for décor
Expect to see clever use of the space above wedding reception tables – think hanging flower garlands, Edison bulbs, low hanging fairy string lights, and high candelabras.

4. Unique settings and locations
Couples will look to find a location or setting that will allow them to tell their personal love story, and create a memorable day that is unique to them – be it a special forest wedding setting, a plot of land in the middle of nowhere, or even a distinct building that they can personalize.

5. Blushing bride
Blush rose pink remains a staple wedding colour for this year. It adds a delicate romantic touch when combined with traditional wedding white, and also works beautifully with metallic like gold and silver.

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