5 Tips for Hosting an Online Bachelorette Party

Online bachelorette party ideas

Taking your Bachelorette Party Plans Online.

Not much beats getting together with your friends to celebrate the bride-to-be, but with the current COVID-19 restrictions in place in many towns and countries, we need to get creative and take our celebrations online! Luckily there are lots of online options these days, and with a little bit of clever adjusting and planning you are able to create a virtual party to still host a bachelorette and celebrate your special friend and bride-to-be. 

Here are some steps and tips to move your bachelorette party plans online:

1. Create an online event using Zoom

Download Zoom, an online meeting platform that allows you to setup a personal meeting room, and invite others to join using a unique link and password. 

2. Theme your online Bachelorette Party

Just because the bachelorette party is online doesn’t mean it can’t have a theme! Introduce the theme in your bachelorette invite, and ask the guests to dress up accordingly for the online bachelorette party. Some theme examples are:

  • Nautical: Let’s Get Nauti-cal Party
  • Hawaiian: Tropic Like It’s Hot Party
  • Mexican: Bride’s Final Fiesta Party
  • Boho: Bohemian Bride Tribe Party

Online Bachelorette Shop – check out our online bachelorette shop for bridesmaids and bachelorette vests and t-shirts, bride-to-be sashes, balloons, bunting banners and more. All of which can be customised with the bachelorette theme or guests names. 

Nautical Themed Bachelorette Party

Hawaiian Tropical Themed Bachelorette Party

Mexican Fiesta Themed Bachelorette Party

Bohemian Themed Bachelorette Party

3. Design an online invitation

Design and create the online Bachelorette Invitation using a platform such as Paperless Post or Canva to send to all the guests. Use the invitation to tell your guests the bachelorette party theme and give them some ideas on how to dress up for the online party.

4. Plan some Bachelorette Party games to play online

Even though the bachelorette party is online, doesn’t mean you can’t include all the guests and play a few games to have some fun. Here are a few online bachelorette party games you could play:

  • Q&A with the Bride and Groom – use the video on your phone to ask the groom-to-be a few questions about his bride, and see how well they know each other!
  • Identify the body part – ask the groom and some friends to take a few photos of different parts of their body, and see how well the bride knows her groom
  • Guess the baby – ask each of the bachelorette party guests to send you a photo of them as a baby, and see how many people can guess correctly
  • Not so much a game, but a few words – give each of the guests the opportunity to say a few words about and wishes for the bride-to-be

5. Get the Groom-to-be to help!

Make the bachelorette as special as possible for the bride-to-be, and ask her groom, or mom for some help in setting up and getting her ready for her party. They could ‘set the scene’ by hanging the bachelorette bunting banner and decorating the area with some balloons and flowers or some themed decorations that fit the Bachelorette party theme you have chosen.

Ask them to get the laptop, video and online meeting setup and ready for the bride-to-be so that she just has to ‘arrive’ at her party. Send some outfit items for them to give her to wear such as a dress, top, hat, necklace or head piece. 

And of course ask them to make sure she has a drink in hand and some snacks to enjoy for the duration of her party!

Click here for some extra tips and comment below if you have any other ideas or tips to share! 

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