10 Wedding Trends for 2020

Wedding Trends for 2020 part 1...

Just because the Coronavirus has delayed some weddings by a few months or a year, doesn’t mean you should stop dreaming and planning. In fact, it gives you some extra time to perhaps add some clever extras to make your wedding that much more special and memorable!

We did some research into current and upcoming wedding trends for 2020, and found some really fun ones that are definitely worth considering. With the extra time available it’s also possible to create some of the wedding trends yourself. 

Here are the first five of our Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2020:

2020 Wedding Trend #1: Flower Grandmothers

 Change things up! Instead of having Flower Girls or Flower Boys, why not ask your grandmothers if they’d do the honours of walking down the aisle at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. We think it’s such a lovely and unique way to celebrate these special people in your life. 

2020 Wedding Trend #2: Live Wedding Sketch

Book a local artist to sketch your wedding while it’s happening! You could ask them to sketch any of the scenes such as the wedding ceremony, speeches or your first dance. This also adds a touch of entertainment to your wedding day, as guests can watch the art the develop as the artist sketches. And the best part – you have a piece of art captured from your wedding day to hang in your home.

Bridesmaids – this could make a very special surprise gift for your bride! 

2020 Wedding Trend #3: Instagram-worthy Neon Wedding Signs

Everybody loves a photo! And even more so, one that is fun and different that they can put on Instagram. Take advantage of this trend and have a neon sign created to use as a backdrop at your wedding, that your wedding guests will love to take a photo in front of. 

We love the idea of using some illuminated or neon fun words, or the bride and groom’s names, initials or wedding date. 

2020 Wedding Trend #4: Succulents

Succulents are not going anywhere it seems! And we are pleased – we just love everything about incorporating these water-wise plants into your wedding day because they are never a waste as can be used as decor, in bouquets, on the wedding reception tables and your wedding guests can take them home as wedding favours! They are pretty resilient plants so can be prepared well in advance of the wedding day, and only require a small amount of water so they will last and not wilt or lose their shape or colour. 

2020 Wedding Trend #5: Mix & Match, Non-Traditional Bridesmaids Dresses

This is one of our favourite wedding trends for 2020! Long gone are the days of bridesmaids wearing identical colour and style bridesmaids’ dresses! Now each bridesmaid can dress to the theme but wear a dress or skirt & top that they feel comfortable and confident in. 

Put together a mood board or colour palette for your bridesmaids to choose from, and then let them find a dress that they love that fits with your theme. 

We hope the above wedding trends have sparked some exciting ideas for your wedding day, and will share Part 2 and the next five of our Wedding Trends for 2020 soon.

For the above and some more wedding trend images and ideas, click here

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