George and Phillipa got married in Franschhoek and had a soft and beautiful wedding in a picturesque setting. Kelland Photography were kind enough to share their pictures with us and answer some of our questions.

Tell us about the proposal?

After asking Phil’s dad’s permission to marry his daughter, he asked me a profound question…”So, what is the next step?” I explained the dream day, complete with hired sports car and a picnic in Phil’s hometown of Franschhoek in 2-3 months time. Explaining that I wanted it to be perfect, he challenged me. If what I had told him about how much I loved his daughter was true, then I should let nothing stop me from asking her to marry me. This was on Saturday, so I decided to abandon my elaborate planning and desire to control all factors and opted to instead pop the question that Monday. The plan was just to go for dinner…en route I took a detour past the beach (note: it was cold and windy), I eventually convinced Phil to walk with me to see the waves and sunset, where we stood on a rock and I asked her to marry me. Many things were not perfect and out of my control, but what was in my control was the ability to decide to share my life with her.


What was the inspiration behind your wedding day?

For us the essence of our wedding day was to celebrate what was really important, keeping the ‘main thing the main thing’ and it gave the whole day its shape. So, celebrating the big themes such as love, commitment and what marriage symbolises helped us decide that we wanted to make sure we had a great evening, celebrating with our closest friends and family and glorifying God in the process. To do this, we highlighted a couple of things we felt where important for the day; for us it was the photographer, videographer, food and the DJ. We then felt that less was more and set out to find the venue, which would be able to accomplish our desires. What was also helpful for us was to discuss between ourselves what was important and to then ask the same questions of our parents. This made it much easier to be able to manage expectations on the day and for them to understand what we wanted from the day.


Was there a theme?

This was not very important to me, as my mom was the one who loves flowers and making things look beautiful. I love soft colours, so we went with roses in soft pinks and white, adding some purple with lavender. All the flowers were from my mom’s garden. I love the smell of lilies, so we added these to the large arrangements and to my bouquet. Decor was very simple, we used what the venue had to offer, which was silver, white and glass.

The caterer we used, I often use for events, so we knew the food would be good and it was easy for us to make the decisions. Salad for a Summer day, fillet because we love it and a massive sweets table for dessert.


What were your feelings on the day and how do you feel it went?

Phil – “Wow, this is hard. It went by so quickly. I was very emotional and flustered, which is not common for me at all 🙂 I needed someone to tell me it was all going to be ok and I should just relax and enjoy the day, so I ended up rushing around and feeling like I did not fully enjoy and absorb the day, as I should have. I thought it went so well, people had a great time and we loved it which was the main thing :)”

George: “I enjoyed it 100%! I had made up my mind to make sure I enjoyed every moment of it and not let anything get to me or distract me from enjoying the day and loving my wife. So often we let the externals dictate how things go, I think if you resolve to make the most of the day, celebrate come rain or shine, it will be one of the best days of your life. Also having some of the best men I know in the whole world to be my groomsmen made the day extra special.”

Any advice to other brides

No one is going to notice anything if it goes wrong, so try relax and enjoy your day. Also remember the day is about you and your groom, don’t let people’s comments or ‘suggestions’ or family conflict or bother you, they can all put things aside for one day and enjoy themselves 🙂

Service providers:

Venue:  The Conservatory, Happy Valley Road, Franschhoek
Catering:  Escoffier
Photographer:  Kelland Photography (totally the best)
Florist & decor:  My mom, gran, husband’s family and bridesmaids
Stationery:  Nick Mills (a friend of ours)
Bride and bridesmaids’ dresses:  I wanted them all to feel comfortable in what they were wearing and for the dress to reflect who they are, so they all chose their own dresses and we contributed some money towards it.
Hair & makeup:  Hair was Catherine Faul, Makeup was Kate Smith
Videographer: Daniel Morcos from Morcos brothers
DJ / entertainment:  DJ was Sean o’Connell and entertainment was Camilla Lanham (my sister is a singer)
Dress:  My gran and mom made my dress