Meet Nadine Aucamp, a very talented photographer from Paarl. We love Nadine’s work because it tells a story, whether it’s the story of a bride having a ball at her reception (check out the image below) or two people who fell in love despite coming from completely different worlds.

We asked Nadine to send us some of her favourite photos, and this is what she had to say about them.


What a dream come true. This wedding (from beginning till end) was exactly how I would have imagined my wedding to be like one day. I loved EVERY single thing about this wedding.

IMG_0083 (1)

It was the most relaxing outdoor wedding ever. I loved the simplicity of it all, and how the whole day revolved around enjoying it all with close friends and family, and a lot of delicious food!


A wedding a shot in Ireland. It was beyond cold and everything was just a bit different, but the Irish are the most kind and happy people in the world – and they know how to have a good time!

IMG_1772 copy

A picnic wedding that blew my mind. They went back to basics and kept things simple, yet comfortable and fun. It was the most amazing and romantic atmosphere/setting I’ve ever witnessed.

IMG_2218 copy

The attention to detail in this wedding insured pretty pictures would be taken through the whole day.


A very small intimate wedding, but this dull open piece of land with fluffy white clouds was the ultimate backdrop.


Like all weddings, this one was also drowning in prettiness. But their love and intimacy shined through all the photos and that just makes my heart warm.


A few snaps I took at a wedding in India. The surroundings was amazing, I didn’t want to stop taking photos. Pure raw jungle and ancient abandoned buildings –  to die for.

IMG_4212-2 copy

Another stunning wedding, but what stood out for me was the joyful moments during the ceremony.


Just a cute moment. While the bride was walking down the isle, she was surprised/caught off-guard as the guests started handing her flowers. Her expression says it all.


I love it when a bride gets down on the dance floor, and this one went all out!


I always have a soft spot for navy colours, but besides that – I was mad about the bride’s details in the dress. It was actually a separate top on the dress, but you would never have guessed it when you saw her.


Another relaxed, happy, beautiful wedding. But I had a crazy crush on all the locations of the day – where the bride got dressed, the church, where the couple shoot took place and the reception.

IMG_9472 copy

This was a real farm wedding full of abstract and different environments to photograph. It’s always exciting to push the boundaries and try new things.

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