Planning and organising your wedding is one of the most exciting and happy times of your life. It can however become very stressful too, and sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in all the anxiety and pressure. We asked a few brides, who’ve “been there and done that” to share some of their wedding words of wisdom with us…


“Mmmm, I’d say relax and enjoy the process. Delegate tasks wherever you can, people are happy to help and want to get involved. It’s so special on the day to see the smiles on peoples faces who helped and them pointing out their bits of input.

Don’t stress the small things. Plan and book the wedding venue, photographer, DJ etc. as soon as you can, which frees you up to plan and organise the smaller things. The day is about you and your husband, so make it personal and fun. Let Pinterest and wedding blogs be your new best friends, they are so helpful and filled with amazing, different wedding ideas.”



“Amongst all the excitement, the logistical challenges, sometimes conflicting words of advice from mums, friends and family, there is one thing that you should remember: your wedding day really is about the marriage between you and your future husband.

Your wedding day should be about the two of you and reflect who are individually, and as a couple. My wedding advice when trying to make one of the many decisions is to go with your gut feel, as most often its the choice that actually defines you the best and the one that you end up following through with after looking at countless other options.

But don’t be shy to get expert wedding advice if you are completely lost and overwhelmed and can’t tell whether pink and red will match well together! Enjoy your day, it comes and goes by so quickly!”



“If your wedding budget allows I would really recommend getting a videographer. They capture the day so well and provide you with some beautiful footage – allowing you to relive your special day for eternity. If your budget doesn’t allow for a videographer you could always ask your family and friends to club together cover the expense of your video as your wedding gift?”